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My Quilt Buddy (MQB) staff have made this application to help quilters have quick and easy tools and information available to them on their mobile device. We would love your feedback so please use the Apple, Inc. App Store to leave a review or a comment or contact us at info@myquiltbuddy.com. Refer to our Privacy Policy on COMMUNICATIONS for other information. Data stored locally by a user's device is controlled by the user on their local system and not by the MQB app.    


MQB has created various calculations on some of the more popular blocks and processes quilters use on a regular basis. Our goal is to provide our customers with these common calculators on your mobile device in an easy-to-use-and-understand fashion. In the quilting world, there are always multiple ways to achieve the same results. Our calculators use a combination of mathematics, industry best practices and above all, our 20+ years of experience to create a tool that works. It is the intention and guiding principle of MQB to provide a reliable estimate that contains some slight overages where appropriate. There are factors, however, that reside naturally outside of the calculator boundaries. Your sewing level and use of the standard quarter inch seam allowance are great examples where the final outcome might stray a bit from what the calculator/tip is describing. We strive to point out options and variations that are common in the quilting world, not because these are "mistakes" of any one quilter or calculator, but because these variations have become generally accepted in the art form.      


When the MQB app suggests fabric amounts, consider these as suggestions. We do our best to round up where appropriate but feel free to add even more allowance should you decide to modify your overall design. We allow you to modify as many of the parameters as possible. For instance, we know there is variation in fabric widths (WOF). WOF can vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer, from textile designer to a family of fabrics. It is common to find WOF in the range of 40 to 44 inches. Still, some fabric lines have selvage edges you might not want to utilize and therefore your usable WOF might be less than the actual WOF of the bolt. MQB uses a default value of 42 inches, where appropriate, but feel free to change that to any value you deem necessary. You control the input data inside the MQB calculators.


MQB does not warrant, guarantee or represent in any way, final results of using data from MQB's calculators or suggestions. MQB is not liable, in any event whatsoever, for any damages resulting in the use of the MQB app, including MQB calculators or any suggestions stated in the MQB app.    

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Any app fee collected by Apple, Inc.'s App Store helps to defray some of the programming and development costs of the MQB app.   


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