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Every quilter knows the value of having quick calculations on our most popular construction items – binding strips, sashings, HSTs.

My Quilt Buddy brings your favorite quilt calculators into one app on your iPhone so you can reference what you need when you need it the most – at the cutting table, or the sewing machine, or in quilt class at your local fabric shop. Easy-to-use and made for quilters by quilters!

Available now for Apple iPhone 6 and above. Download now from the App Store!

My Quilt Buddy

How much will that binding take?

Usually the last step in our quilt creation, bindings are essential! And it’s quite a bummer to come up short when affixing your binding to your quilt. Use this calculator to figure out exactly what you need so you can plan ahead – binding length, material needed, how many strips to cut, overlap, etc. – all available to you in one easy-to-read screen.

Like any good BFF, let My Quilt Buddy help you figure out those setting triangles. Mini-calculators also accompany many of the block tips inside MQB!

My Quilt Buddy

Tips and Tricks

Ever wonder how they make 4 flying geese at a time? Or do you sometimes need to do quick math to plan out HSTs? You are more than familiar with these time-honored blocks and now you have a great reference for churning them out quickly and efficiently.

My Quilt Buddy

Step-by-Step Tutorials 

My Quilt Buddy will walk you through each step on many of our tips – show you how to cut and sew together common quilt blocks. We give you the visual breakdown on how to use those time-saving techniques. This saves oodles of time looking these up on the internet when you need it.

Download your copy today!

Download your new quilting BFF now . . . and have all your favorite references available to you instantly. Available now on the App Store from Apple AND from the Google Store for Android!

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